Plumbing is simple in concept but much more difficult in reality

This is especially true when you are repairing old plumbing. The problem isn’t so much knowing what needs to be done as finding the right parts. I sometimes think plumbing terms and words were designed to maximize confusion and mistakes. Add to that the way customers move parts into the wrong boxes at the store and you have a situation where the novice “plumber” can easily spend more time chasing parts than actually doing a repair.

There are lots of books which show you how to fix things

They tend to be long on new materials, ideal conditions, and repair people who are experienced with tools and know what they are doing.What if you haven’t done repair work before, are trying to fix an old, messy, non-standard plumbing system that has been worked on by other “plumbers”? Things get very interesting very quickly.

This website holds stores of plumbing repairs I have made, described in complete detail.

If you already know how to use tools and have worked on plumbing before you will find it very wordy and simplistic.

However, I know many of my readers are people who have not done plumbing repairs before and have no idea of what they are getting in to, or what they need to look out for. Remember, no one was born knowing which way you turn a screw to tighten it!